Sudanese factory for LPG cylinders (SFLC)


Sudanese Factory for LPG Cylinders is committed to achieve Total Quality Management for the fulfilment of customer requirements & to the standards with the impact to the national economic value.



Sudanese Factory For LPG Cylinder (SFLC) is the first factory in Sudan for manufacturing LPG cylinders and LPG domestic Tanks.

Established in 2009 in the land area of 220,000 m², located in Khartoum North,  Sayga Street. SFLC is under Abbarci Group (AG) , a group of company, the largest and the most diverse group in Sudan since its foundation in 1972.

The group’s reputation is very respectable and became recognized in the market.


To produce LPG cylinders and LPG domestic tanks with high quality and least prices for Sudanese and surrounding countries market.


  • To produce LPG cylinders and tanks with different capabilities to satisfy the needs of Sudanese market and the surrounding market as well.
  • To qualify the old circulation old LPG cylinders from the  local market so it can be used safely
  • To create new jobs for Sudanese cadre and contribute positively in the national economy.


  • It includes 4 production lines as follows: production of 26.5 lit. lpg cylinders with annual capacity of 700,000 cylinders.
  • Production of 52 and 108 lit. Cylinders with annual capacity of 100,000 cylinders.
  • Requalification of old LPG cylinders in the market with annual capacity of 200,000 cylinders.
  • LPG domestic tanks production line for the sizes ( 1000 lit., 2000 lit. and 3000 lit.) with annual capacity of 3000 tanks.


LPG cylinders

Made of low carbon steel EN 10120 P265 NB.

Test Pressure                       :      35 Kg/cm²

Burst Pressure                     :      100 bars

Mechanical Properties of   EN10120 P265 NB

Yield strength        : 265 N/mm² min.

Tensile Strength    : 410-500 N/mm²

Elongation             : 28%

Chemical Properties of EN10120 P265 NB

Carbon                  :   0.19% Max.

Manganese            :   0.4%    Min.

Sulfur                    :   0.015% Max.

Phosphorous         :   0.025% Max.


The factory produces 3 sizes of LPG domestic tanks which are 1000, 2000 and 3000 lit.

Test Pressure                      : 27 Bars

Tanks are produced from: EN10028 2P 355GH

Mechanical Properties

Yield Strength      : 355 N/mm²

Tensile Strength   : 510-650 N/mm²

Elongation            : 20% Min.

Chemical Properties

Carbon                  : 0.1 – 0.22%

Manganese           : 1.1 – 1.7%    

Sulfur                   : 0.015%

Phosphorous        : 0.025%

Why to choose SFLC?

  1. The leading manufacturer & Supplier of quality LPG cylinders and domestic tanks in the country.
  2. Assurance of product quality.
  3. Meeting the requirement of scheme of testing and inspection (STI) & standards.
  4. On-time delivery.
  5. Requalification of used LPG cylinders.
  6. Price flexibility.
  7. Customer satisfaction is our motto.

Sales Contract Conditions:

  • An inquiry shall be required from the costumer.
  • Technical issues shall be discussed and agreed.
  • An offer will be prepared accordingly from the factory.
  • Prices and payment conditions and delivery have to be discussed and agreed.
  • Production will be start after to completion of the above steps.

Contact Detail:




  • Mobile         :      +249 123400057
  • TEL             :      +249912355764
  • FAX            :      + 249 185 216305
  • E-MAIL      :       yousifhamid6@yahoo.com
  • WEBSITE   :      abbarcigroup.com