Abbarci Engineering Co.Ltd. is the sole agent of Italian IVECO compny in Sudan, was founded in 1972, has been the company’s business has expanded dramatically over the past 30 years it has qualified personnel and foreign experts human resources, has been the workshop fully equipped, including an art workshop the company has a team in the technical workshop has been trained specifically by IVECO engineers efficiently and skill


The workshop has been set up and train technicians efficiently and skill by IVECO staff in order to implement the after-sales service effectively, Abbarci Engineering firm guarantees through technical workshops high-quality work and customer service, as stipulated in the agreement IVECO.

Mission and Goals

     The Abbarci Engineering Co.Ltd service infrastructure of transport, roads, bridges, distribution and transportation agencies and services, incoming and outgoing, and its objectives are as follows:

Environmental interest And productivity benefits.

Provide after-sales services (spare parts and maintenance).

Follow-up and improve the methods of sale and renewal of the sales strategies on an ongoing basis.

Discover new unified market of European products.

High quality and good services.



Considered IVECO global company made up of a group of companies includes a distinguished group of companies that continuous improvement in their products to cover the deficit and the imbalance in the needs and problems of an environmental, and has its own system to keep track of errors and it reduces wasted time at work and the continuity of performance.


Maintenance workshops

Our workshop in Khartoum is the main one, it was created in the year 1974 and some of its capabilities are :

Maintenance of all types of trucks (small – medium – Heavy).

Bear 20 wagon at least a day.

Qualified team members coached by IVECO Company.

Supervisor workers from IVECO.

Equipped with the latest advanced equipment.

Place contracts with different actors (individuals – private – government).

Telephone: 249154988174+



Port Sudan


Maintenance of all types of trucks (small – medium – heavy).

Bear 100 vehicles a day.

There is a dedicated team as well as foreigners.

Equipped with the latest advanced equipment.

An area of ​​about 25,000 meters.

Bear 100 vehicles a day.

Maintenance of all types of trucks (small – medium – heavy).

A dedicated team as well as foreigners.

Equipped with the latest advanced equipment.


Small cars maintenance workshop :

         The workshop is the maintenance of small cars from the mechanical works and maintenance and plumbing addition to the presence of foreign labor and the use of the latest equipment in action.

Location:  Khartoum forest Street

After-sales service

Keen Abbarci Engineering Co.Ltd. to provide all possible facilities and it is as follows:

Workshop sophisticated with the latest tools (Animation Workshop).

معرض اسبيرات - خدمات ما بعد البيع

After Sales Services

Parts warehouse.

Exhibition includes all supplies.

qualified staff.

A series of after-sales services across the national capital (Omdurman – Khartoum North – Khartoum) as well as cities across Sudan’s vital such as: (Port Sudan – Juba – Al-Ubayyid – Rabk – Gedaref – Nyala).