An extension to Abbarci transport Co.ltd which Established in 1972, This Project is started with the commercial transport for the carriage of food and non food items liquid goods. The Company owns a large number of fleet trucks and trailers as well as a moderate service station, workshops, warehouses and stores.

Abbarci Darfur is now considered to be one of the largest Companies working in this field in Sudan and the surrounding African countries.


Our Goal


Our Goal is to render a professional Service to company Client’s the international organization, corporation companies, individuals or government sectors through application of modern performance criteria’s and Means.


Our Vision


We will be a leading transport company that provides innovative and environmentally responsible freight management solutions to a diversified customer base while being fiscally responsible and recognized as one of the top transportation employers in Sudan.


The Company has several branches in Sudan such as Port Sudan, WAD Medani, Rabak , El Obeid, aldean,Alfashir,Nyala and Geneina thus covering most parts of the Country.


The company has executed a lot of important schemes since 1990s such as:


  • Transport of road tools and equipments for road’s erection for Port Sudan – Khartoum, and Kosti – El Obeid.
  • Transport of Kenana Sugar Factory’s equipments, which is considered the largest Sugar Factory in Africa and Arab countries
  • Transport of relief Food to different refugees camps in SUDAN
  • Transport of most exported goods to and from Port Sudan.
  • Carriage of Refugees passengers from Gedaref, Kassala and Port Sudan to the neighboring countries in Eriteria and Ethiopia


The Company was working with great efforts since 2000s, and managed to carry out successfully most of the strategic reserve commodities throughout Sudan, such as sorghum, sugar, cotton…etc.


The company now owns over five hundred (550) new IVECO trucks with model range from 2002 up to 2013. Types of these trucks are 450 (6X4) and 100 (6X6), details as follows:


  • Trucks with long-haul Tralers(on road): 150 double trailers including so liquid Trucks with Tankers a capacity Ranging 65 – 72Mt per Truck
  • Off-road: 400 trucks with a capacity of 25-40Mt with a total capacity of 13,200Mt.


Company Work Shops:


The company owns three main workshops located in:

  • Port Sudan
  • Khartoum
  • El Obeid


Besides Five mobile workshops covering Port Sudan – Khartoum ,El Obeid and Darfur.


Clients & Contracts:

Abbarci Transport Company has dedicated all its Trucks and logistical capacity since 2004 and onwards towards the humanitarian aid by engaging in long-term contracts with the United Nations through the World Food Programme(WFP), in Sudan and outside Sudan.


Major client since 2004, 2005, 2006 on ward the World Food Programme, in which Abbarci Transport Company had devoted all their Trucks capacities to transport the food relief and non-food items to affected population in Darfur, South Sudan ,Kenya,Uganda,Congo (DRC)  and Chad.


Other major clients are:


  • Kenana Sugar Company
  • Strategic Reserve Food Corporation
  • International Committee of Red Cross (I.C.R.C)
  • United Nation High Commirssioner For Refugees (U.N.H.C.R)
  • Dal Group (Food Industries)


Company’s Warhouses:

Abbarci Transport owns three Strategic Warehouses:

Name Address Covered Area in Square FT
Abbarci W/hs Port Sudan 3,000 Mt
Abbarci W/hs Soba (Khartoum) 5,000 Mt
Abbarci W/hs El Obeid 2,000 Mt


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      Fax :   + 249 1834 60005

Email :   adut@abbarcigroup.com /Adut2007@Gmail.com

Websit : www.abbarcigroup.com


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